February, 2018

Can I Kick It?

‘Peak Performance Buoyancy’ Anda Kubis & Jennie Suddick, Artist collaboration

Can I Kick It?

The Robert McLaughlan Gallery

Exhibition curated by Pete Smith

February 08, 2018 – March 04, 2018

This exhibition explores the idea of remix in visual art. Although artists often collaborate with other artists, or appropriate the work of someone else, the permissive surrendering of their work to another for creative re-invention seems unusual, and kind of fun. For this project, I have invited seven artists who I deeply admire: Lyla Rye, Anda Kubis, John Kissick, Jessica Thompson, James Olley, Chief Ladybird and Paulette Phillips to choose an artist to partner with. They’ve chosen Christina La Sala, Jennie Suddick, Stu Oxley, Duncan Macdonald, Jennifer Wigmore, Mike Pszczonak, Aura and Jean-Paul Kelly. These artists traded works with each other, and aesthetically reconfigured them.

Can I Kick It?


Brilliant! Brilliant! @ The Artist Project – Sunday, Feb. 25 @ 1 pm