Anda Kubis & Meghan McKnight August 4 – 25, 2012, Artist reception: Saturday, August 18, 4-7pm

Press release

p|m Gallery is pleased to present two new bodies of work from two fantastic painters.

Anda Kubis

In her newest body of work Kubis merges synthetic brushstrokes with real, full-bodied, painterly mark making. The source of either is no longer readily apparent. The digital and handmade become symbiotic where the process of making shifts through various scales and the actual painting attempts to capture the luminosity of the screen. Kubis employs strong colour, coaxing the viewer to slow down and contemplate perceptual relationships.

Meghan McKnight

McKnight’s  paintings lure the viewer into their teeming sculptural layers, offering inviting depth and movement. Elaborate sculptural tangles of the surfaces elicit intimate exploration. Their stylized tactile vocabulary builds tension between control and turmoil, the familiar and the undiscovered. Though abstract, they are open to free association, offering a stimulating momentary confusion over what the paint is. Ambiguous in scale, her compositions change depending on the proximity of the viewer; the canvases oscillate between microcosms and macrocosms.

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