Anda Kubis’ North at bulthaup Toronto



New exhibit now up!

Exhibit run: July 3, 2012 – September 28, 2012

Location: bulthaup Toronto
Address: 280 King St East, Suite 100, Toronto ON

About the exhibition:

North is a direction, a location and a sensibility. These paintings celebrate this time of year – when northern light stays with us longest. It is a time of possibility and leisure.

Anda Kubis’ work is strongly influenced by the tradition of Northern European painting. These paintings allude to an expansive scale and a quiet solitude. She uses colour to slow the eye with shifting perceptual relationships. Emerging from Modernist ideals, her paintings revel in equivocality. The works hover between: abstraction and representation; materiality and the ephemeral; ideas and emotion.

Exhibit information: bulthaup exhibition profile on bulthaup website

For more information please contact: or 416 361 9005