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Chrominance, Newzones Gallery, October 22 – November 26, 2016

Newzones is pleased to present “Chrominance”, a solo exhibition by Anda Kubis.

Part of the new Abstraction movement in Canada, Kubis continues her play with colour, space and illusion. Due to the prominence of colour in her work, her research considers how a conscious engagement with aesthetics and creativity positively impact human flourishing and quality of life.

In addition to her painting practice, Kubis explores new media through a digital process that creates the foundation from which this new body of oil paintings and digital prints are produced. In finished form, the digital paintings exist beyond the screen where they are entirely informed by the digital software, chroma and layers, which modelled their creation. Although inspired by a digital source, the colour is material and substantial. The luminance – the glow within – is created through Kubis’ intentional play on hue and value perception. Colour is a positive means of aesthetic expression through mixing new and traditional approaches to image making.

Touch of Unreal @ p|m gallery (Sep 26 – Oct 17)

p|m Gallery is pleased to exhibit the work of Anda Kubis in the new project space at 1485 Dupont from September 26 to October 17, 2015. The reception will be held September 26, 2015 from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

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Efflorescence @ Newzones (Oct 25 – Nov 22, 2014)

Thanks to everyone who came out to my recent exhibition at Newzones in Calgary.




new work : Transplendent (Sep 12-Oct 12 2013) Reception: Sep 21, 4-7pm

PM Gallery
Anda Kubis: Transplendent

September 12 – October 12, 2013
Reception:  Saturday, September 21, 4-7pm
1518 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6K1T9

Nocturne (2013)

Nocturne (2013)


Converse to the expectation that a digital image is cold and impersonal – a romantic flamboyance pervades this body of work. Since it is possible to control so much of the digital process, through multiple layers, easy erasure, etc., I’ve embraced an improvisational approach to the initial creation of these digital paintings.  As the work develops complexity my visual judgment and manipulation increases, culminating in painterly interventions that add to the richness of the painting. Through dynamic compositions, the depiction of radiant light and distinct scale shifts from the screen to the final output – I’ve allowed my imagination to roil, embracing the emotional potential of the image.

I am drawn to the subdued power of the Northern Landscape tradition where the representation of the sublime reflects “…nature’s humiliating disregard for the hubris of Western technology”. My work is a personal and unabashedly aesthetic response to facing mortality and the forces of the natural world beyond our control.

Paglia, Camille, Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt to Star Wars, New York: Pantheon Books, 2012

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Anda Kubis’ North at bulthaup Toronto



New exhibit now up!

Exhibit run: July 3, 2012 – September 28, 2012

Location: bulthaup Toronto
Address: 280 King St East, Suite 100, Toronto ON

About the exhibition:

North is a direction, a location and a sensibility. These paintings celebrate this time of year – when northern light stays with us longest. It is a time of possibility and leisure.

Anda Kubis’ work is strongly influenced by the tradition of Northern European painting. These paintings allude to an expansive scale and a quiet solitude. She uses colour to slow the eye with shifting perceptual relationships. Emerging from Modernist ideals, her paintings revel in equivocality. The works hover between: abstraction and representation; materiality and the ephemeral; ideas and emotion.

Exhibit information: bulthaup exhibition profile on bulthaup website

For more information please contact: or 416 361 9005

Hot Art: Anda Kubis at Elissa Cristall Gallery

Thanks to Kristina Urquhart for her mention of Full Spectrum on!

“Full Spectrum” Opens today!

Elissa Cristall Gallery is pleased to present FULL SPECTRUM, Anda Kubis’ third solo exhibition with the gallery

MARCH 3 – 31, 2012

Colour, light, movement and emotion radiate from new paintings by Anda Kubis. On planes of colour, the paint clusters in vibrating daubs; gliding from swinging forms to sweeping brushstrokes of energetic chromatic play.

Merging the Colour Field with glimmers of Impressionism, FULL SPECTRUM revels in the illusionistic and material potential of paint. Kubis promotes the sheer pleasure of creating idiosyncratic pictures that arouse the eye – in an age of anxiety she encourages engaged looking.

For Kubis, aesthetic engagement has the potential to change how we perceive the world. In FULL SPECTRUM Anda Kubis pursues well-being in painted form.

Anda Kubis completed her BFA at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and her MFA at York University. Currently Anda is Chair of Drawing and Painting at Ontario College of Art & Design University. She specializes in teaching studio practice and seminar courses that engage contemporary ideas shaping art today. Her projects reflect upon the relevance of art practice in a consumer driven, media dominated society.

For more information please contact Elissa Cristall, 604 730-9611

Tues – Fri 11 – 6pm  |  Sat 11 – 5:30pm