OCADU Project 31- Interview with Anda Kubis

Entr’acte @ The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre (Nov-Jan 2015)

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‘night from day’   2014


A group exhibition of works by OCADU alumni, faculty and students.

RBC Emerging Artists Project featuring work by:

Michelle Forsyth
Anda Kubis
Hazel Meyer
Lisa Myers
Alex McLeod
Franco Arcieri
Rebecca Ladds

November 6, 2014 to January 10, 2015
(closed Dec. 25 & 26 and Jan. 1)

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre (gallery level)
189 Yonge Street

Thursday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

FREE admission


what our traditional ‘makers’ are making with digital technology

what our traditional ‘makers’ are making with digital technology

By Charlene K Lau

OCADU Sketch Magazine, Summer 2012

Painting is not dead

Anda Kubis, OCAD U Chair of Drawing & Painting, sees new technology as an enabler of older technology, and asks, “Could anyone have predicted there would be a resurgence of craft and handmade culture in an age of global interconnectedness aided by the Internet?” Just as surprising are the relationships that have developed — all of them fuelled by the push and pull between digital and analog. Painting, considered the most exalted traditional art form for many centuries, is experiencing a shift in the form of digital painting. The term “digital painting” is a hybrid of new technology and traditional medium, but are “digital” and “painting” really opposites? Kubis doesn’t think so:

“The tradition of painting has created and absorbed scientific discoveries throughout its history. The invention of perspectival space within drawing and painting was a revolutionary ‘view’ of the world that impacted Western philosophical thought for a long time — and we’re not quite done with it yet. Digital space is simply a new potent platform for this activity.”

Kubis’s current work reflects this in-between of old and new, incorporating several layers of images created using a digital tablet. The final images are then printed onto canvas, and she paints overtop of the canvas in oil to create texture in what she calls a “mixing of synthetic and organic brushstrokes.”

To read more, go to page 16 of the OCADU Sketch, Summer 2012.


Project 31 coming March 29

OCAD University’s Project 31 Art Auction

Thursday, March 29, 2012
Artwork Preview: 6 p.m.
Live Auction: 7 p.m.

Tickets: $95 (purchase tickets at

One of the city’s most accessible art collecting events, Project 31 is a live art auction offering up stunning paintings, photography, limited edition prints, sculpture, textiles and fibre, illustration, jewellery and digital media by OCAD University’s talented faculty members, and a few specially invited guests.

Project 31 pairs the support of donating faculty members with specific areas of need at the university, such as program-specific scholarships, awards or bursaries for students, the university’s library and Learning Zone, the Florence Off-Campus Studies Program, additional hours with live models, or investments of new equipment for specific programs. Faculty members choose which area of need they wish to support through the sale of their donated work.

The auction a great place for budding art collectors to score great buys, with works selling very affordably anywhere from a few hundred dollars to under $10,000. Through the auction, patrons are able to access work by OCAD U’s award-winning faculty members — a pool of creative talent found nowhere else in Canada — while enriching the learning experience for the next generation of artists and designers.

This year’s auction includes work by Sandra Altwerger, Catherine Beaudette, Rudolf Bikkers, Philippe Blanchard, George Boileau, Robyn Cumming, Judith Doyle, Gary Gray, Lee Henderson, April Hickox, Natalka Husar, Chung-Im Kim, Anda Kubis, Anita Kunz, Surendra Lawoti, JJ Lee, Ginette Legarè, Jennifer Long, Laura Millard, Iza Mokrosz, Sarah Nind, Luke Painter, Nicholas and Sheila Pye, Jon Rafman, John Scott, Pete Smith, Vladimir Spicanovic, Peter Sramek, Gary Taxali, Jon Todd and Sylvia Whitton.

This year’s auctioneer is Stephen Ranger, Vice President Business Development at Waddington’s.

In A Rush (2012), by Anda Kubis, Chair, Drawing & Painting at OCAD U
25 x 50 inches, digital output and oil on canvas. Courtesy of Elissa Cristall Gallery, estimate: $4,000 to $5,000.

OCAD University (OCAD U): 135 Years of Imagination
OCAD University ( is Canada’s “university of the imagination.” The university, founded in 1876, is dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. OCAD University is building on its traditional, studio-based strengths, adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies. In the Age of Imagination, OCAD University community members will be uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.

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