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Digital paintings in the gallery

Jonas Lundin (translated from Swedish)

It’s not often she exhibits outside Canada, but now Canadian artist Anda Kubis is doing it for the second time in Sweden. In Teckomatorp. We can thank Hans Tapper for this. He and Anda Kubis met at one of her art

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exhibitions at the Drabinsky Gallery in Toronto in 1995. Ten years later this led to a show in Malmö.

Digital paintings

Last Saturday was the opening or Anda Kubis’ exhibition “Sequencing” at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer. 23 digital paintings on canvas and on paper. Colors that are adjacent. Clear and simple. Or are they? “All my artworks are abstract. My biggest inspiration is color, space and light. It is a mix of natural and artificial light”, says Anda Kubis. She mentions names like Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler and Mark Rothko as their role models. Since Anda Kubis began painting professionally in 1986, she has mostly painted in oil. But nowadays she even paints digitally. Anda Kubis has been a professor at Canada’s largest art college, Ontario College of Art and Design, for 15 years. I clearly prefer to paint, she says.

Numerous Canadians are familiar with the Swedish hockey player Mats Sundin and Kurt Wallander the films. Anda Kubis, however, has a stronger relationship with our northern part of the world. Her parents came as refugees to Toronto from Latvia during World War II. Since I have a Latvian background I have attraction to the Nordic mindset. I feel at home here, says Anda Kubis.

Until Christmas

More than putting up your pictures and being part of the opening – What will you do here in Sweden? We will visit art galleries! I do not want to miss the Jorn & Pollock exhibition at Louisiana in Copenhagen, or the Danish National Museum or the Museum of Modern Art in Malmö.

Anda Kubis exhibition “Sequencing” is at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer up to Christmas.

Published: 25. November 2013 12:00

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