what our traditional ‘makers’ are making with digital technology

what our traditional ‘makers’ are making with digital technology

By Charlene K Lau

OCADU Sketch Magazine, Summer 2012

Painting is not dead

Anda Kubis, OCAD U Chair of Drawing & Painting, sees new technology as an enabler of older technology, and asks, “Could anyone have predicted there would be a resurgence of craft and handmade culture in an age of global interconnectedness aided by the Internet?” Just as surprising are the relationships that have developed — all of them fuelled by the push and pull between digital and analog. Painting, considered the most exalted traditional art form for many centuries, is experiencing a shift in the form of digital painting. The term “digital painting” is a hybrid of new technology and traditional medium, but are “digital” and “painting” really opposites? Kubis doesn’t think so:

“The tradition of painting has created and absorbed scientific discoveries throughout its history. The invention of perspectival space within drawing and painting was a revolutionary ‘view’ of the world that impacted Western philosophical thought for a long time — and we’re not quite done with it yet. Digital space is simply a new potent platform for this activity.”

Kubis’s current work reflects this in-between of old and new, incorporating several layers of images created using a digital tablet. The final images are then printed onto canvas, and she paints overtop of the canvas in oil to create texture in what she calls a “mixing of synthetic and organic brushstrokes.”

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